Thursday, January 7, 2010

22 Week Check Up- January 7, 2010

So today I had my routine monthly doctor's appointment. The standard, um pee in a cup, check my weight, check my blood pressure and the exciting thing of getting to hear my little ones heartbeat. Which is a great thing to hear cause it means that everything is still going ok and she is still ticking in there. They also measured my stomach this week, which by the way is growing! I know this because my pants are not fitting anymore, even with the whole using a hairband instead of buttoning them. Plus I know this from my weight gain. The last month I believe that I gained 6 pounds, so now a total of 10 pounds. But my doctor said that I'm right on track so that's good.
I am also starting to feel my little one move around in there. I have to really sit still and pay attention and then I can tell that something is moving, usually I can feel her after I eat dinner. The doctor said that I will notice it more as she gets bigger, but at least I can tell that something is going on in there, even though I'm not quite sure if she is just rolling around or trying to kick me or something.

I will post a new picture soon.

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Diane said...

time for maternity pants