Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some Updates

As most of you may know by now I had a little accident last weekend involving a rotary cutter and my finger...lets just say that the rotary cutter won and I had to make a trip to the ER. But all is well now and my little finger is on its way to recovering..however all sewing has been put on hold for a while. I am kind of scared but I know that I will get back into it as soon as my finger heals. I am definitely going to get me one of those Gypsy Grippers before I do anymore cutting of fabric, oh and I am going to get me a bigger sewing table to so that I have adequate workspace because I think that was one of the space and me trying to cut fabric in an awkward position. Not good!! Lesson learned for sure!! Oh and the good thing is that the sewing project did not get ruined..(i.e. no blood on it) ha! Gross I know but it wasn't pretty people and it hurt like hell.

In other news our kitchen is still in progress and I still do not have a sink. The countertops should be here in 10 working days and hopefully my cabinet guys get their butts in gear and get back to work cause I'm about to go psycho on someone real soon and it ain't gonna be pretty!!

Peace out for now. Next time I will have pics.

Oh and if you don't already read Dooce you must. She is just hysterical and I love her. Her latest is a nice little piece about the birthing experience of her second daughter.

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