Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kenny Chesney Concert- Sun City Carnival Tour, Tampa, Florida 2009

The concert was great. I think that they had a few technical problems though. For a while their tv screens stopped working and then at one point Kenny didn't sing at the beginning of a song cause something wasn't working, and he kept looking behind him at someone. But overall it was a great concert!! The sound was much better then last year. I had the same seats as last year too-- The Miller Lite party deck which is pretty cool. you get free beer which is a plus to some.
Oh and I had a pretty good trip to IKEA today, I got alot of kitchen things that I had wanted. Yeah!
Ok, I think I'm going to bed now..I'm tired.


Debbie said...

how many times are you going to go see him??

Little Love Things said...

As many as I can!! ha. I think that was my fourth time so far. He is awesome!!!

Jowers Inc. said...

This is so funny. The Patricia I knew 10 years ago would have never in a million years admitted she like country! LOL

Kelly said...

Thats funny-Cheryl is right i think you gave me a hard time too about Country until a few years ago. I used to not listen to it in my car cause i knew you didn't like it.

oh & by the way i come to your site a million times since its like a shortcut hoping that Kenny won't be the most recent post!