Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sewing project list

I decided to make a list of all the sewing projects that I have in the works. Some of these I have started while others I am working on getting the fabric for. For some reason I think of something that I want to make but I haven't had the time to finish it, or even start it. I also will think of something else that I want to do so I work on getting the fabric for that before I have even started or finished other projects. Oh well, such is life of a sewer and fabric addict!!! Ha!!

Ok so here is my list of what I have in the works and what I want to make:

1. Deer Valley quilt--- this one is in the works I need to finish the blocks and then sew them together to make the top
2. Amy Butler Mid Mod quilt--- another one in the works, I need to sew the blocks together
3. Mendocino ripple quilt--- in the works...alot more cutting and rows to work on
4. Amy Butler Nigella quilt--- I just came up with this idea and I am working on getting the fabrics for it. I am going to make this for the couch in the living room. I already have pillows covered with the Nigella fabric so I think it would be good to make a quilt that matches.
5. Daisy Chain quilt---I have the fabrics for this but I haven't started it yet. I have a great idea for this quilt that I found on flickr and I can't wait to do it. It just requires alot of cutting and pressing!!!
6. Erin McMorris Wildwood Quilt---I want to make a quilt with this fabric using a circle pattern. I haven't done any circles yet and I think this fabric would be cool with it. I have some prints but I need more.

I also have some Anna Maria Horner Good Folks Fabric stashed and saved for something... just don't know what yet.

These are ready to be quilted and have the binding put on them:

1. Pinwheel Quilt
2, Tula Pink Flutterby Quilt
3. Moda quilt from jelly roll club

Oh and lets not forget my first ever quilt top, my Blooming Nine Patch quilt which I still need to sandwich with the batting and binding and then quilt.

I'm trying to wait on quilting alot of things until I get a new sewing machine...hopefully a Janome. I'm sick of straight line quilting and I really want to do free motion. My poor little Singer machine just doesn't cut it when it comes to free motion. I have tried over and over again and it just doesn't work for me.

So yeah that's my sewing project list. I have alot of stuff in the works and alot of fabric sitting in my sewing room just waiting for me to get to work. Now if only I could find the energy to finish something.

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Kelly said...

umm someone spends way too much $ at the fabric store! Why don't you just take all of the purses you've made and put them all together & take a picture just so show the obsession..