Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kitchen Updates

Here are some more updated photos of the progress on the kitchen. Its slowly coming along but I am starting to get excited. We ran into a few issues, I had to take a cabinet back and get another size for the bar side of the kitchen but it looks good now. I still need to go back to Ikea to get another side panel because I am one short.
Incase you ever decide to do a kitchen with IKEA cabinets you must know that the sides of the cabinets are the color of the interior of the cabinets, so you need panels for all exposed sides, you also need panels for the bottom and for the top if you want trim. Also, Ikea cabinets do not come put together and they are put in individual boxes. So for one cabinet you could have over 10 different boxes/bags to go with the cabinet. You will notice this when you check out, each cabinet has like 10 things listed and its all priced separately. The door fronts are what make the cabinets expensive. I chose the Adel Medium Brown which is in the mid price range. The most expensive cabinet is the glossy red which is awesome but just not good for my style of house, its more modern and good for like a loft apartment or something.

We also had a dreaded issue today, dare I say MOLD! Um yeah behind the kitchen sink there was mold along basically the whole wall. So we have bleached it and now its drying and I am going to put some Kilz on it. Definately something that I did not expect, nor would I have ever known it was there unless we tore the kitchen apart. So I guess its a good thing that we did.
More to come soon.


Diane said...

all that work but it will look nice once it is done.
a feeling of accomplishment when you can say we did it ourselves with help from friends. Glad you found the mold . Check your bathrooms just in case it is there also.

Debbie said...

do those cabinets not sit directly on the floor? what are those things under them? that doesn't look right? what about handles?

Jowers Inc. said...

Wow-- I have been drooling over the Ikea cabinets forever! I want the slick ones in grey, yes I am very modern! Good choice on your cabinets, they look great! Are you tired of fast food yet?

Debbie, be patient, those legs can be covered up with trim, or left exposed!