Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lesson Learned

This was my cute new purse that I had made and have been using for over a month now. I had the brilliant idea to wash it this afternoon because it was getting dirty. BIG MISTAKE! For some reason I thought that the dryer would help get the wrinkles out but that didn't work. This bag is ruined. I tried ironing it and the duck cloth that was used for the interfacing won't iron. I can't get the wrinkles out and the bag has like no shape anymore.
Ugh, what a waste. I guess I will just have to make another one. Sucks though cause I liked this one.
Lesson learned, don't wash your handbags in the washing machine.
I should of hand washed it.


Diane said...

you my not get the wrinkles out but rewash and stuff it with towels to reshape it. and if the wrinkles are inside that is okay

Debbie said...

stop using duck cloth, use the heavy iron on interfacing like I told you. mommy will fix it when she comes down little girl.

Jowers Inc. said...

I agree w- your Mom. It is better for your machine and needles too!

I also concur w- Diane, rewash it, hell let it soak in the sink, then take it outside, stuff it, and let it air dry!