Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lack of blogging...and sewing

Sorry I haven't been able to post any exciting things lately. Moving takes alot of work. It's crazy how fast Home Depot becomes your new best friend. We will finally have living room furniture tomorrow and then hopefully start on the kitchen in the next few weeks, then I can start to organize the place, because right now its a mess! I did manage to get one room all set up already, can you guess which one? The sewing room, ha! I found a wonderful chaise chair for the room and I painted the walls. Plus I got a new bookcase to hold and display my fabric. So hopefully I will get back to sewing soon. I am eager to finish some quilts and make myself a new purse. Plus I have to start on a baby gift for a friend at work.

I will post pictures soon. My parents and little sister Gabby just came in town so we are going to enjoy some time together and then by next weekend I might have time to sit down at my sewing machine.


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