Thursday, May 21, 2009


Proof that I have been sewing, despite preparing to move.
This is the beginning of something that I am going to make. I will post more pics after I finish it this weekend. Should be cute!!

These are 2 caddies that I made to sit under my sewing machine. One is for scrap thread and the other is to hold my scissors and whatever else I need.

These are a few pouches that I made. I just love making these things. Its a good way to use up scraps. I'm sure I will make some more soon. Some have only batting on the inside for durability while others have both batting and duck cloth so they are really sturdy. Add a snap and presto, cool wallet or coupon holder or whatever.
Of course I had to make some pin cushions with my scraps. I love making these too. I probably have like five pin cushions now. Ha! You can never have too many right?

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Diane said...

you are suppose to be packing not sewing. Waiting for mom to come and help