Sunday, May 10, 2009

I don't know what these people were thinking...

But I watched two movies this weekend that were suppose to be really good but were really horrible. I think that the Oscars or Academy Awards are on crack! Seriously these movies were like retarded.
The first one was the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Seriously? This movie was like watching grass grow. I mean I was waiting and waiting for a point and for something to like happen and it just turned out to disappoint me. The fact that I couldn't understand how they figured how Benjamin got drastically younger alot quicker then the people were getting older. Just didn't make any sense. And the whole thing where he has a kid and just abandons her cause he is going to get young, but yet doesn't get young for another 13 years, its like what the heck you couldn't of stayed with your child until then? Ugh.

The second movie was Vicky Christina Barcelona. Everyone left out the part that this movie was narrated by some annoying guy who had an annoying voice. Oh and yeah this movie had no point either. I mean it drives me crazy that people make millions of dollars of stuff that is basically like half of a story. Ugh. What a waste of time. But seriously this was like something that I'm sure I have seen before. Romance with no point.

I think next time I won't listen to the critics cause I think that they must just get paid to say that stuff is really good when it really sucks!


Jowers Inc. said...

I had a feeling B. Button would suck-- I am not one for bizarre movies. You want a good suggestion? One close to home, that we may have all dreamed up at one time? Add it to your Netflix Que for next weekend. BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOUR DEAD. It is a 2007 movie, but damn it was good! Oh, and it only won the 2008 Independent Spirit Awards®: Best Supporting Female nominee: Marisa Tomei.

Kelly said...

watch slumdog millionaire, that was pretty good