Friday, May 15, 2009

Hazards of preparing to move

A very messy and unorganized house!

This was my kitchen...

This is our laundry/storage room. I can't even walk in there now!

This is my sewing area. What a mess!

And this is my dining room which is now housing boxes everywhere. Oh and can you see my pinwheel quilt hanging?? I added a border to it. I think it looks good. Still wondering if I need to add something else to it or just leave it.

I'm excited to close on my house and move. I will have over 700 more square feet of space!! Plenty of room for all of my stuff.


Diane said...

hope you are labeling which room boxes are to go. finish one room at a time leave kitchen for last

Kelly said...

girl i swear you people have more stuff than anyone else i have ever met in my life...i swear it!

Oh yeah, don't lose my miller chill lunchbox!

Debbie said...

what a mess, I remember when we moved, it is not fun packing or moving your stuff. But you should find things now that you didn't remember you had. Heather has it great, moving company comes in and packs and unpacks "everything".