Friday, May 1, 2009

Another bag

So this is what I made my Mom for her Birthday. I kind of just made up my own pattern for the bag using a charm pack of Tula Pink's Neptune fabric which I love. I did use the handle from the Birdie Bag pattern and modified it a bit. I think that these prints are perfect for the summertime and I hope that my Mom enjoys this bag. I think its great for her knitting stuff.
I might have to make one of these bags for myself because I just like it soo much.

So anyways, does everyone believe that its May already??? Um hello, not me. I have some problem with time and how every day turns into the next week and then the following month and before you know it I will be old and grey! I feel old sometimes. I know that I am fairly young (28) but still, I'm not 18 anymore that's for sure. I think the fact that most of my days seem to blend together doesn't help the fact of time going by too quickly either. It's hard to make each day different when you have to work all day long Monday through Friday.
Tom actually said something the other day about how my bags and sewing are getting really good and how he would help me start a fabric shop. Ha. I was like um yeah maybe one day. That would be awesome. To sew and create all day long and to look at fabric and shop for fabric. How wonderful.

Well I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend. I think tomorrow we might go out on the boat again. OH and I have another offer on another house so I'm going crazy waiting for a phone call from my realtor. Probably won't be until Monday now since the house is bank owned and I doubt that they are making any decisions on the weekend. If anyone is buying a house right now, the market is crazy. It's alot different buying a REO or short sale house then just buying a house from a normal homeowner. Keep your fingers crossed for me and I will make sure to invite you to my "New Home Party" that I hope to one day have.

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Jowers Inc. said...

I do this bag also. Time does fly-- job or no job. I can't believe I have a 5 year old, and that they are now old enough to start going on family vacations during the summer. I fell like I just graduated high school. The clock never stops. It is almost scary!