Saturday, April 4, 2009

Feeding my Addiction!!

Yeah to new fabric!! I fed my addiction today and splurged on some fabric. I actually got a really good deal and bought all of these fat quarters for only $2.14 a piece!!

These are two 1/2 yards that I got..I'm thinking another purse??

Ok so this is my next project. I'm making the Amy Butler Lotus Brick Pattern quilt except in these fabrics. I think that this one is going to be easy and awesome!! I think I'm gonna start sewing it now.

Oh and I made my first ever offer on a house!! Wish me luck, I'm not getting my hopes up cause its a stellar deal and I know that there are cash offers, but my realtor said that you never know.
Scary and exciting!!


Diane said...

i like the fat quarters in the first picture

Kelly said...

I need more of the heather ross mermaid much do they have? Fiberologie is out.

Jowers Inc. said...

I love pic #3. I almost ordered some of that pink/blue faux plaid for a skirt. Is it soft or heavy? What a great price--- I want a fat quarter shop---- :(

Patricia said...

She ordered like 2 of each bolt of the Heather Ross cause I guess they aren't making it anymore?

OH and I love the plaid material. A skirt would be a great idea. Its lightweight cotton. Oh and they have a nice dress pattern that would look cute in this fabric too.

ROZ said...

Wonderful fabric, now the sewing starts!