Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fabulous fabric finds at Joann's

Who says that Joann's doesn't have good fabric like the quilt shops?? Not me. How about designers like Heather Ross? Um yeah thats what I found today at Joann's.
These are 3 prints from Heather Ross's West Hill collection. I found them in the fat quarter bundle section and they were on sale.

I also found these lovely Alexander Henry lemons. They are going to be used for some kitchen towels.

This pear print is my FAVORITE right now. It's Robert Kaufman's printed from Japan!! It's still $10 bucks a yard at Joann's but if its on sale or you use a coupon you can get a good deal. They have a few other cute prints from him as well I just didn't get them on this trip.
I have already used this print to make a kitchen towel and I just love it.
So go ahead, skip the quilt shop and head to Joann's to see what cute designer fabric you can find!!


Kelly said...

ha, i saw that lemons on another persons blog that she got at Joanns and thought it would make good placemats, i was going to get some and make like those other ones..

Little Love Things said...

that would be cute.
get the pears too. they are adorable.

Regina said...

i find good stuff there all the time too, a lot of Robert Kaufman fabric. I am so jealous you found some of the west hill collection I have been drooling over that for weeks. I might have to go to the jo-anns out of town to see if they have any cause I know the one in my town sure doesn't

Leslie said...

hi, instead of lurking i thought i would say i found your blog from the quilt a long list...i can not believe that you found heather ross at Joann's. That is a major find. Makes me want to run to joann's right away and see if i can find some for myself.