Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sad news

I hate hearing about death and tragedy.

This week I followed the 4 football players who went out on a fishing trip from Clearwater on Saturday morning and went missing. Only one survivor was found by the coast guard. Very sad. It's crazy that they took such a small boat (21 feet) out over 40 miles away from shore in the gulf. I can't even imagine taking our little 18 foot boat out into the gulf, let alone miles and miles from shore, where you can't even see land anymore!! I know that many people do this all the time. Supposedly, the fishing is better out there because of reefs. It just doesn't seem safe to me, with such a small boat and 4 big guys on it.

Now I just read online about an animal kennel that had a propane explosion and 16 dogs died. The driver of the propane truck is also seriously injured and severely burned. Martha Stewart sadly lost her dog in this tragedy. Her new little chow chow puppy. Soo sad!

I know that bad/tragic stuff happens everyday, its just sometimes you take a minute and think about all the sad stuff that happens and it overwhelms you. Especially when it occurs around you and you can't do anything about it.

Maybe this week will be happier!


Debbie said...

I get to see you this week, that makes me happy :-)

Patricia said...

yes me too!