Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh Fransson Quilt Along

So I'm trying to participate in this online quilt along from I changed my fabric ideas to the Tula Pink Flutterby collection. I have had a bunch of these fabrics in my stash for a while, just waiting for the perfect use.
Here are the prints that I decided to use for my quilt.
Today we got the instructions on how to cut the fabric. Man am I confused. I can't cut all of my fabric at once and lay it out on paper. I have to cut and then sew my block, its just how I'm used to doing it. Plus I don't get why some of the lengths are 8.5 inches when the finished block is suppose to be 8 inches. It seems that you will have to cut alot in the end to get your blocks equaled up.
So I'm thinking that I'm not going to follow the pattern exactly. I'm going to use the idea and then come up with something similar to the original pattern... kind of like what I did with my other quilt from the quilt shop that I did. Cause if its not fun for me to make and it requires too much of my brain then I will get bored and not want to do it. Ha!!
Wish me luck.


Jowers Inc. said...

P quote, "Plus I don't get why some of the lengths are 8.5 inches when the finished block is suppose to be 8 inches." Because when you sew on the sashing with a 1/4" seem on both sides, the final size of the ironed block will be 8" x 8". I do like your new fabric choices! I am cutting today, after spending 2 hours with the directions and altering mine to an 8x7 block full size quilt! YEAH I can't wait!

Patricia said...

hmm. I guess thats why I get confused for some reason. I have to see the finished product I think for me to completely understand it. I sewed a few blocks together and then cut them to 8 inches, but I guess I wasn't thinking about the stupid sashing. Ugh. Mine is going to completely not be the same as hers. oh well

Jowers Inc. said...

You are sewing? Be patient grasshopper! She wants us to learn her method. To possibly improve on your own. She is young like us, and modern, not like the blue hairs that normally teach quilting classes. You may learn something NEW! Put down your fabric... go pack... spend some time with your family... then come back and sew! ;)

Debbie said...

Cheryl is so funny, "blue hairs that normal teach quilting classes". But she is correct, stop rushing, and the 8.5 cut includes your 1/4" seam allowance.