Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Projects

I used a charm pack from Moda Fabrics to make a placemat for my bookcase and a table runner for my dining room table. I think that they came out pretty nice.

I used my scraps from my swing bag to make another pin cushion. I like making pin cushions, I don't think that you can have too many of them. Ha!!

Oh and here is Oscar playing with his favorite elephant stuffed animal. Check out his left ear? Ha. He is soo cute!

Other then a little bit of sewing I had a relaxing weekend. I went and visited with a friend whom I haven't seen in over 3 years and found two new pairs of jeans for $10 bucks a piece. Definately a good deal!
How was your weekend?


Debbie said...

Love all the colors. Where did you get the charm packs? And what are you stuffing your pincushions with? I agree you can never have to many.

Little Love Things said...

I got my charm pack at the quilt shop a while ago. Its like 8 bucks for 40 5inch squares. You can make like 3 placemats with it, or it could be enough for the outside of a bag.

For my pin cushion I quilted fleece on the back of the fabric and then stuffed it with that stuffing that you get in the bag. Is there something better that I should be using?

Jowers Inc. said...

Rice---works well or orzo, is that you spell it?

I love that you include the fabric label, gives it a nice touch. I am working on some place mats, my 1st quilting project ever! I'll post soon!

The weekend, I slept and it slipped by, have a cold again!

Debbie said...

you can stuff your pincushions with crushed walnut shells that you can get at Petsmart. It is in the gerbil bedding section. It weighs them nicely. I have a big bag here if you want to take some home to try out when you come visit.