Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's Dilemma

So I told Tom that I was going to make him breakfast for Valentine's Day. I asked him what he wanted, thinking that he would say bacon and eggs or pancakes and sausage or something, nope not Tommy boy, he wants country fried steak with gravy. Now how in the heck do I make that? I have no idea, help me please!! I guess this is what I get for opening up my big mouth, I should of just made what I wanted to make and given it to him, not given him options!! ugh.

Oh and does anyone know what my new nickname is??? "Patty Pink"!! ha. All the guys at work call me that. I guess cause most of the time I have pink on, plus the whole Patty thing is just what happens I guess when people don't want to say Patricia. I used to hate it but now I'm so used to it that it just feels normal. It's almost weird when people call me Patricia, even Tom calls me Patty all the time.
I do like the guys that I work with at my new job. They are funny and really nice. I love my new job too. It's kind of boring at times but the work is easy enough to do and I don't feel pressure or have someone watching over my shoulder all the time. I just do what I'm suppose to do and I'm left alone. I definately like it that way.

Ok, I'm going back to watching American Idol now.


Diane said...

what do you have cook books for

Kelly said...

i dunno isn't that like a steak covered in fried chicken batter & sausage gravy? Just cheat, take him to cracker barrel, will probably be cheaper & less of a hassle :o) Oh and Patty Pink isn't so bad..I'm KP or Peeper Patterson(since i have my binoculars to look over at the hotel through the lobby)

Gabby said...

ew, don't get used to the nickname Patty.
Because to me, your mother, your father, and your other sister,
you are still Patricia/Pepper.

Debbie said...

Pepper, Pepper, Pepper, see this is why I didn't want to name you Patricia because I was afraid they would call you Patty. We are not Irish even though your Grandfather seems to think so. I do not like the nickname Patty, that's why I alway called you "Pepper". You will always be "Pepper" to Daddy and me.
Now as far as the breakfast, you need to get cube steaks and bread them and then fry it and make a white gravy for it. Dad just had that Sunday at Huddle House. Very filling, he couldn't finish it all. Next time don't ask, just make.

Jowers Inc. said...

This is how I make mine--- I know I am not Southern, but I married a Southerner, and therefore I am---


I use Vegetable Oil instead of lard. Good Luck! Snap a picture of his tray before you carry it in, don't forget the paper!

Little Love Things said...