Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just Finished Projects

This is a quilt that I just finished. I kind of made up my own pattern. It came out really nice once I washed and dried it. All crinkly and cozy.

It has a border on it but you can't really tell from the pic. I don't have enough floor space to lay this out to take a picture of it. oh well you get the idea.

These are some Amy Butler Stash and Dash bags that I made. This is the second time that I have used the pattern. For some reason this pattern is much harder then her handbags. I'm not good at putting stupid zippers on but these came out ok. The blue one has the pleats on the bottom but the pink one doesn't. Sorry for the blurry pic.
Oh and I ordered some fabric to make another Amy Butler handbag. Hopefully I will get it this week and make it.


Jowers Inc. said...

I love the Amy Butler Stash and Dash bags, I can't do zippers to save my life either!

Kelly said...

i still don't know when you find the time for all of must not be watching as much tv are you?

Diane said...

I like those bags. She probably does both if her machine is situated right.

glenna said...

your stash and dash bags look great. There must be a trick to getting the zipper to look neat in the corners. I was hoping you knew and could tell me! :-)