Monday, February 2, 2009

It's Over

I finished all 4 of the Twilight Series books. Man were they good. The second one annoyed me, only cause Edward was barely in it, but it made up for it in the end. Now what the heck am I going to read? Any suggestions?
Oh and can I just say how freaking hot Robert Pattison is. I have been looking at pictures on Flickr and he is just like uh so stinking hot!!
I can't wait for the movie New Moon to come out in November and for Twilight to come out on DVD in March so that I can stare at Edward all day.
Ha Ha!

Oh and I have been doing some sewing, working on a quilt for my bed. I should have pictures up soon. The top is almost done!!


Kelly said...

So i started my stack & whack and what a pain..I did only 7 blocks. I could have done way more but this stinking machine kept coming unthread & the bobbin kept jacking up...its pretty cool & I would take pics but my camera battery took a croak for what reason I have no idea & I went to target for another one & they don't have. Blah.

Oh & I meant to tell you, what I was thinking instead of making whole quilts...I want to just do the thing that goes at the end of the bed that is like a runner, you know the one hotels use & the cruise lines...Just use that on top of whatever plain cover or quilt you saver & to be honest quilts are too heavy anyway

Kelly said...

oh yeah, you need to share the books dangist

Diane said...

never knew you were a reader. Try a different genre. The DAVINCI CODE is an interesting book or maybe a romance. Nora Roberts is a good romanace novalist

Debbie said...

Stop reading and start sewing more, I say. And stop looking at other men, you already have one.
Your mother.

Diane said...

Kelly, I may not be a pro at sewing but I do remember from grandma, when things go wrong with sew machines the first thing to do is clean it. then read the manual for help and if that doesm nt help go to their website for tech help.

Aunt Diane

Jowers Inc. said...

Wow-- I was wondering why your blog stood all weekend with no activity.... now I know why--- 4 novels in what, 5 days? I have renewed my one book 3 times now (that is a total of 6 weeks), and I am not half way through it. Probably because I read everything twice. "his hand skimmed her th....MOM, WHERE IS MY JUICE" lol. Such is life! I may try and read this series when Avery starts college! :)