Friday, February 13, 2009

Early Valentine's Presents

So Tom told me the other day that I was only getting dinner and a card for Valentine's. Ok I said. Didn't bother me.

Well today I came home to a table full of stuff.
He got me this shirt, which is kind of tight cause its a size small. But it says I love my Boyfriend! Ha!

I also got this cute frog mug, cupcakes, candy, a candle,

pajama shorts, another t-shirt, some pajama capris,

this cute singing dog, who wags his tale. He is soo cute!...

and this huge frog balloon!! I also got 2 cards but I'm going to save those for tomorrow cause I still haven't even filled out his card yet so I didn't want to open mine.
My boyfriend is crazy!!


Diane said...

no ring

Patricia said...


Debbie said...

don't put that shirt in the dryer.
he is like a little kid, doesn't he know tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Maybe the ring will come then.