Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Projects Completed, and still in the works

So today Laura came over and we made Swing Bags from Amy Butler's pattern. I have to say that I hate patterns!! Some things that you have to do just don't make sense! Anyways, it came out ok I think. I think that I like the Birdie Pattern much better, makes a nicer bag. This bag doesn't even have pockets. It's more or less a tote bag, and do you see the stitches on the left and right on the top picture?? Um yeah I hate those! But you had to do a zig zag stitch because the bag isn't sewn all the way up to the handles...something that I would change a bit if I make another one. But I had to sew longer zig zag stitches because I didn't want the opening that big. The pattern also has a bow but I didn't make that. I might add a little one cause I think it might look better. I might make another one of these because it doesn't call for much fabric and I would like to see if I can make it better the second time. Anyways, its a completely reversible bag which is nice.

This is another pattern that I worked on yesterday. I actually didn't use the pattern because I didn't like feeling like I was in math class having to cut inches like a zillion different ways. So I looked at the photo from the pattern and I just went with the flow. Its not finished yet because I need a border and to add the stems to the flowers, I'm also going to add a butterfly. Anyways, it came out really nice and I totally surprised myself how I got all those strips to match up perfectly and fit. This is going to be a nice quilt. Oh and in case you are wondering its made from one jelly roll of 40 strips that are 2 1/2 inches wide. And yes I pieced this whole thing together in one night!!
I'm a quick sewer when I get into my groove. ha!


Kelly said...

you make me sick..seriously who on earth sews this fast

Gabby said...

haha, i agree with kelly.
how do you find the time to do all of this?!

Diane said...

she is Miss Speedy. she has always done things fast.