Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finished Tina Givens Quilt

So I didn't do what I said I was going to do today, but I figured that I should finish something before I start something else.. so here is my Tina Givens Quilt finally finished!
I started this quilt back in September when my friend Kelly gave me this fabric for my birthday. I had to get some extra fabric for the borders and the backing, but all of the blocks were made using 9 fat quarters and the Crazy Nine Patch pattern, which you can find on Oh Fransson's blog. It's really easy to do. After I made the crazy 9 patchs I added some sashing and a border. This quilt is bright and full of patterns. I think it came out pretty nice, however I think I should of used some plain solid color fabric for the border so that you can concentrate on the 9 patches. This is my first finished quilt for myself.

This is the backing. I basically sewed together 9 fat quarters and then used more fabric around the edges. Some of it got cut off during the whole quilting process so it kind of looks unbalanced. It is really hard to center the front and the back together and have it stay perfect while you are quilting, but with more practice I shall get better.


Kelly said...

To find the center of both quilts, you take the center of your front & the center of your back & pin through those...then the others should work out.

Diane said...

looks nice any way

Little Love Things said...

oh. i will have to remember that for next time. i didnt even think of that.

Jowers Inc. said...

I think this quilt is beautiful! The fabrics are very classically romantic, and the way it looks like a window, wow. Another thing you may want to try would be a solid fabric on back, then you could see the quilting better, and it would look straight no matter what! Thanks for including the link. I have some Dick and Jane fat quarters, and I am going to use her "How to Make Paintbox Blocks" and make my place mats!