Monday, December 28, 2009

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Were Engaged!!

Can't believe that I can finally say that!!!

What a crazy year!! I'm starting to think maybe our house is good luck. I'm loving it!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Well we got our Christmas tree today and guess who decorated it? Me of course. I didn't use all of my ornaments just some of them because some are too heavy for a real tree and just make the whole tree sag.
OH and do you see that pink felt owl??? I made him, isn't he cute? There are 3 others on the tree. I love owls!!

You can see a green owl and a blue one in this picture. I think the other one is on the other side of the tree.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

17 week baby bump

Do I look scared????
Probably because I am a little...ok maybe alot!

I definitely have some sort of pudge going on in my stomach area. Probably still could pass for being bloated or fat but I'm thinking its definitely baby!!
What do you think?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

November trip to South Carolina


We had a wonderful time visiting my parents and my little sister and my Grandma. Way too short of a trip but it was nice quality time spent with the family. Hope to see them again soon.

October...a little late

Pumpkin carving at Jason's and Laura's.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I can't believe that it has been a month since my last post. Alot has happened since then, for one I just turned 29..which is scary cause that means that I'm getting old!! Ha. Only one more year in my twenties and then its all downhill from there. j/k

We also found out some exciting news that we are expecting our first child!!! which is even more scary then growing old. I am 7 and 1/2 weeks along and feeling sick and tired all day. Not what I expected. We are definitely super excited for our little one to arrive in May and we know that we have alot to do get done around the house before he or she arrives. Hopefully I will start feeling better soon so I can figure out where to put all of my crafts so that I can prepare a nursery, which is going to be another challenge because I have alot of stuff and even though we have a new big house (over 1900 square feet) there isn't enough room.

I should post some pictures but I'm too tired to upload them on my computer, sorry. Its 12:30 on a Saturday and I haven't even taken a shower which is way out of the norm for me. Usually I'm up and about and out shopping and doing stuff but lately I just don't have the energy. Plus the fear of getting sick in the middle of a store or something isn't something that I want to happen.

I would like to also throw a shout out to Kelly and congratulate her on the purchase of her new house. They close in a few days and I know that she is super excited and has been waiting for this for a long time...maybe she will be blessed with the "new house new baby" blessing like me. Ha!

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Post just for Kelly

We just got the countertops in today! Yeah I'm excited. I think we are at 85% done. Need to finish painting, and do a few other touches, oh and some backsplash which I have yet to pick out.
But I think its looking good. The bar area is huge!! I can't wait to have a party and celebrate!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kenny Chesney Concert- Sun City Carnival Tour, Tampa, Florida 2009

The concert was great. I think that they had a few technical problems though. For a while their tv screens stopped working and then at one point Kenny didn't sing at the beginning of a song cause something wasn't working, and he kept looking behind him at someone. But overall it was a great concert!! The sound was much better then last year. I had the same seats as last year too-- The Miller Lite party deck which is pretty cool. you get free beer which is a plus to some.
Oh and I had a pretty good trip to IKEA today, I got alot of kitchen things that I had wanted. Yeah!
Ok, I think I'm going to bed now..I'm tired.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some Updates

As most of you may know by now I had a little accident last weekend involving a rotary cutter and my finger...lets just say that the rotary cutter won and I had to make a trip to the ER. But all is well now and my little finger is on its way to recovering..however all sewing has been put on hold for a while. I am kind of scared but I know that I will get back into it as soon as my finger heals. I am definitely going to get me one of those Gypsy Grippers before I do anymore cutting of fabric, oh and I am going to get me a bigger sewing table to so that I have adequate workspace because I think that was one of the space and me trying to cut fabric in an awkward position. Not good!! Lesson learned for sure!! Oh and the good thing is that the sewing project did not get ruined..(i.e. no blood on it) ha! Gross I know but it wasn't pretty people and it hurt like hell.

In other news our kitchen is still in progress and I still do not have a sink. The countertops should be here in 10 working days and hopefully my cabinet guys get their butts in gear and get back to work cause I'm about to go psycho on someone real soon and it ain't gonna be pretty!!

Peace out for now. Next time I will have pics.

Oh and if you don't already read Dooce you must. She is just hysterical and I love her. Her latest is a nice little piece about the birthing experience of her second daughter.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More kitchen updates

Here is today's progress on the kitchen. My new microwave has been installed along with the doors to the top cabinets. I was told that everything should be put together tomorrow...we shall see.
And yes mom there will be covers for the bottom of the cabinets and stainless steel handles..

Oh and yes Cheryl I am sick of eatting out..if you look you can see I actually cooked today...yummy fish.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sewing project list

I decided to make a list of all the sewing projects that I have in the works. Some of these I have started while others I am working on getting the fabric for. For some reason I think of something that I want to make but I haven't had the time to finish it, or even start it. I also will think of something else that I want to do so I work on getting the fabric for that before I have even started or finished other projects. Oh well, such is life of a sewer and fabric addict!!! Ha!!

Ok so here is my list of what I have in the works and what I want to make:

1. Deer Valley quilt--- this one is in the works I need to finish the blocks and then sew them together to make the top
2. Amy Butler Mid Mod quilt--- another one in the works, I need to sew the blocks together
3. Mendocino ripple quilt--- in the works...alot more cutting and rows to work on
4. Amy Butler Nigella quilt--- I just came up with this idea and I am working on getting the fabrics for it. I am going to make this for the couch in the living room. I already have pillows covered with the Nigella fabric so I think it would be good to make a quilt that matches.
5. Daisy Chain quilt---I have the fabrics for this but I haven't started it yet. I have a great idea for this quilt that I found on flickr and I can't wait to do it. It just requires alot of cutting and pressing!!!
6. Erin McMorris Wildwood Quilt---I want to make a quilt with this fabric using a circle pattern. I haven't done any circles yet and I think this fabric would be cool with it. I have some prints but I need more.

I also have some Anna Maria Horner Good Folks Fabric stashed and saved for something... just don't know what yet.

These are ready to be quilted and have the binding put on them:

1. Pinwheel Quilt
2, Tula Pink Flutterby Quilt
3. Moda quilt from jelly roll club

Oh and lets not forget my first ever quilt top, my Blooming Nine Patch quilt which I still need to sandwich with the batting and binding and then quilt.

I'm trying to wait on quilting alot of things until I get a new sewing machine...hopefully a Janome. I'm sick of straight line quilting and I really want to do free motion. My poor little Singer machine just doesn't cut it when it comes to free motion. I have tried over and over again and it just doesn't work for me.

So yeah that's my sewing project list. I have alot of stuff in the works and alot of fabric sitting in my sewing room just waiting for me to get to work. Now if only I could find the energy to finish something.

Kitchen Updates

Here are some more updated photos of the progress on the kitchen. Its slowly coming along but I am starting to get excited. We ran into a few issues, I had to take a cabinet back and get another size for the bar side of the kitchen but it looks good now. I still need to go back to Ikea to get another side panel because I am one short.
Incase you ever decide to do a kitchen with IKEA cabinets you must know that the sides of the cabinets are the color of the interior of the cabinets, so you need panels for all exposed sides, you also need panels for the bottom and for the top if you want trim. Also, Ikea cabinets do not come put together and they are put in individual boxes. So for one cabinet you could have over 10 different boxes/bags to go with the cabinet. You will notice this when you check out, each cabinet has like 10 things listed and its all priced separately. The door fronts are what make the cabinets expensive. I chose the Adel Medium Brown which is in the mid price range. The most expensive cabinet is the glossy red which is awesome but just not good for my style of house, its more modern and good for like a loft apartment or something.

We also had a dreaded issue today, dare I say MOLD! Um yeah behind the kitchen sink there was mold along basically the whole wall. So we have bleached it and now its drying and I am going to put some Kilz on it. Definately something that I did not expect, nor would I have ever known it was there unless we tore the kitchen apart. So I guess its a good thing that we did.
More to come soon.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I think we have now fallen into the........

WHAT THE ____________ was I thinking category!!

Seriously, any extra "stimulus-first time homeowner's money" we may receive from the government is way gone... and that's not even including all the labor and the counter yeah figure it out. WE ARE FREAKING OUT!!
Well I'm not really cause It's my dream kitchen and its only money right? I will eventually get more so whatever. I know it will be worth it in the end, plus I have my own house now, so I might as well put what I want in it.

Anyways, I think we are getting granite counter tops (If Tom ever comes out of his coma from $$$ shock) I will get him out of it, I just need to give him a few days and he will be perfectly fine with it all.
Stay tuned, tomorrow all of the cabinets should be together and starting to be installed.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Random happenings

Sleeping Dog...

New cute!!

Kitchen demolition...

That's pretty much my week in a nutshell...