Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Worst Things about being SICK!

1. I can't breath through my nose.
2. I have been having horrible dreams and night.
3. Tossing and turning at night.
4. Not being able to sleep at night.
5. Being soo hungry and not able to enjoy food because I can't taste it.
6. Being soo hungry that I just eat whatever I see.
7. Not being able to lose any weight while being sick because I am soo hungry.
8. Not being able to get my one daily enjoyment..STARBUCKS! (This by far is the worst part about being sick so far. I am too sick to even taste Starbucks right now.)
9. Not being able to enjoy my christmas presents because I'm so tired that all I want to do is sleep.
10. Not being able to do my after Christmas sale shopping.

Blah!! I hate being sick like this. Nothing seems to help either. I start to feel better and then I just feel worse again. Even Tom is still sick from his Bronchitis. This is like the long sickness that never ends.

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