Friday, December 26, 2008

It's hard to believe...

that another Christmas has come and gone. I had a wonderful Christmas, despite not being with my family. Tom loves Christmas and tends to spoil me like crazy. I got so much stuff, a Coach wallet to go with my purse, a Coach wristlet, my new iron, the Office Season 4 dvd, some cd's that I had wanted, a steam mop, an electric can opener (Tom hates the crank one), and the biggest thing of all isn't even at my house yet... a new treadmill!! Still in the box in Jason and Laura's garage. After we opened gifts here we went to their house for dinner and he surprised me with that. Now I have to clean and find room for it. Then I can get back into shape and get back into my skinny jeans. Ha! Oh and I almost forgot. Tom also signed me up for a class at the Quilt shop. I can't believe that he actually went there and signed me up. He just loves me so if only I can get him to move on to the "M" word.

Tom spent all of last night and today playing with the Wii that I got him. I even played for a little bit. It's really fun, except when you lose. Oscar was going crazy cause we were both standing up and swinging our arms, cause with the Wii its all action and based on your movement.

Well I'm still battling a bad cold. It's like in my ears now. Really weird. I spent all of today laying around the house. I was so mad cause I love to go shopping for Christmas stuff at 50% off but I just couldn't do it today. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to go out and get some stuff.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Now we can look forward to the New Year!


Jowers Inc. said...

Wow-- What a nice Christmas! Let me tell you, once the "M" word happens, and children come, Christmas is so different! #1 Gifts go to kids the first few years--- your broke after buying all the kid GEAR! #2 It is all about the kids, which makes it more fun! So which do you prefer? "Single" or "Married with Children" Christmas? I can't decide (I got nothing for Christmas again this year, #5 in a row.... hopefully the last one of its kind)!


Little Love Things said...

yeah that stinks that you didn't get a christmas this year. I can see how everything is about the kids. Hopefully when we have kids we can still have a small christmas for us. It still must be exciting to see their faces when they open all of their presents.