Monday, December 1, 2008

Back from Vacation #2

So my second vacation didn't quite go as good as I had planned, simply because I got sick again. So I only have a few pics to post. Oh and did I mention that it is freezing cold in SC. Way too cold for me!
Oh and my flight was delayed last night because of the rain in Florida. So my 8:50 pm flight got moved to 2:30 am. Yeah I know tell me about it! I had quite a long time in the airport twiddling my thumbs. I finally got home at 6 am this morning. I think that something must of happened to my plane or something cause they told us that they had to call in a pilot on his day off to take us home. So its like what the heck happened to our original plane? Who knows. They gave us pizza to eat and a $50 gift voucher to use on a future flight. I think when I go back to SC it will be at least 90 degrees outside! ha.

Well here are a few pics of a quilt shop that my mom took me too. It was pretty nice but in a weird part of town, you would have never known that it was there. We went here on Wednesday and managed to find the only Starbucks in Anderson. Yummy! We then went to Hobby Lobby and the Yarn Shop. Shopping for crafts is soo much fun.

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