Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Highlights of 2008

For some reason I keep a planner and write down everything that happens in my life. I have been doing this since as far as I can remember. I have such a bad memory that I can't remember one day from the next, so this helps me to look back and see what I have done or accomplished or what has occurred in my life.

Here are some of my highlights from 2008. As we look towards 2009 I am reminded of all the fun experiences that I had in 2008 and can only hope that 2009 is bigger and better.

Oscar's 6th Birthday

Mom and Gabby visit me in Florida

4 years with Tom
1 year at SPD
Trip to Washington D.C.
My sister Heather's one year wedding anniversary!

Trip to Ireland!!
Tim McGraw Concert with Kelly

Promoted to Senior Transcriber at work

Got a boat with Tom, Laura and Jason

Kenny Chesney Concert with Laura

My 28th Birthday!!

New job at work!
First Quilt class

Cruise to Mexico
Visit my family in South Carolina

sick sick sick!

So what are your highlights of 2008?

The Worst Things about being SICK!

1. I can't breath through my nose.
2. I have been having horrible dreams and night.
3. Tossing and turning at night.
4. Not being able to sleep at night.
5. Being soo hungry and not able to enjoy food because I can't taste it.
6. Being soo hungry that I just eat whatever I see.
7. Not being able to lose any weight while being sick because I am soo hungry.
8. Not being able to get my one daily enjoyment..STARBUCKS! (This by far is the worst part about being sick so far. I am too sick to even taste Starbucks right now.)
9. Not being able to enjoy my christmas presents because I'm so tired that all I want to do is sleep.
10. Not being able to do my after Christmas sale shopping.

Blah!! I hate being sick like this. Nothing seems to help either. I start to feel better and then I just feel worse again. Even Tom is still sick from his Bronchitis. This is like the long sickness that never ends.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Some things that I made for Christmas

I made these fabric covered photo frames from Kaffe Fasset's fabric. I only made 3 and then gave up. It was kind of hard.

These are paper ornaments that I made. They were easy to make and I think that they are just too cute. Of course I didn't take pictures of everything that I made because I forgot. The big projects that I made haven't been opened yet so I will show you those pictures soon. I did make some fabric zippered pouches for my Aunt Diane, for Laura, Morgan, Kelly, Heather, Tom's mom and grandma, and I made small cosmetic bags for 2 girls at work. I also made Laura and Kelly pin cushions, Laura's was made out of fabric and Kelly's was made out of fabric but had a crocheted top. It was cute. I also made mini fabric tissue holders for everyone. Those were easy to make.

Well my 5 day break is officially over. I am still sick but I have to go back to work tomorrow. Hopefully I can make it through the day.

So what are everyone's plans for New Year's??? I think we might just hang out at Jason and Laura's and have some fondue.

Friday, December 26, 2008

It's hard to believe...

that another Christmas has come and gone. I had a wonderful Christmas, despite not being with my family. Tom loves Christmas and tends to spoil me like crazy. I got so much stuff, a Coach wallet to go with my purse, a Coach wristlet, my new iron, the Office Season 4 dvd, some cd's that I had wanted, a steam mop, an electric can opener (Tom hates the crank one), and the biggest thing of all isn't even at my house yet... a new treadmill!! Still in the box in Jason and Laura's garage. After we opened gifts here we went to their house for dinner and he surprised me with that. Now I have to clean and find room for it. Then I can get back into shape and get back into my skinny jeans. Ha! Oh and I almost forgot. Tom also signed me up for a class at the Quilt shop. I can't believe that he actually went there and signed me up. He just loves me so much..now if only I can get him to move on to the "M" word.

Tom spent all of last night and today playing with the Wii that I got him. I even played for a little bit. It's really fun, except when you lose. Oscar was going crazy cause we were both standing up and swinging our arms, cause with the Wii its all action and based on your movement.

Well I'm still battling a bad cold. It's like in my ears now. Really weird. I spent all of today laying around the house. I was so mad cause I love to go shopping for Christmas stuff at 50% off but I just couldn't do it today. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to go out and get some stuff.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Now we can look forward to the New Year!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to all!

I tried to get a nice Christmas Picture of the dogs but they don't know how to cooperate and sit still, and I couldn't find Oscar's Christmas sweater. Oh well.
Hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas full of food, family, friends and lots of love!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ask and you shall receive...

Yes that's right. This is MY yarn ball decoration from Starbucks!! My wonderful Barista surprised me this morning and gave me this decoration that I had asked for when I first saw them in the store. She told me before that I couldn't get it until after the Holidays but somehow she managed to get me one. I was soo excited. It sparkles and it just too cool.
I'm thinking I might take this yarn idea and make a wreath or something for Valentine's Day.

On another note I am dying to show you what I made for some Christmas projects. That's currently on hold until after I give them away. But stay tuned cause I think I was pretty busy.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Early presents to me, from me.

So I finally broke down and bought the Amy Butler scrapbook carrier from Michaels, it was on sale for $14 bucks. I didn't really want to pay that but I figured it would be cheaper then me trying to make one myself with the handles and the pockets and well yeah just much easier, and nicer! I'm not using it as a scrapbook caddy though, its perfect for my other craft projects like crocheting and holding my sewing scraps.
I also got some books that I ordered from my book club. Quilts from Lavendar Hill Farm, Giada's Kitchen, and Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics.
I just love new things!!
So now I have new inspiration for a quilt and some new ideas for dinner.


Welcome to Club 28!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Ornaments

Has anyone been to Michaels lately? I have been there quite a few times recently getting stuff for some Christmas projects. While I was there I picked up some cute ornaments. These are some that are suppose to resemble the old time ornaments. I think that they are too cute. I know that I will be back for some more because I can't resist them. Plus I have to have more then 4 of them right??

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This was a cute idea

I found this cute idea while searching through some of my favorite sewing/quilting blogs the other day. Its a fabric garland, you know when you were a kid and you made one out of construction paper?
Well Basically you take fabric cut it into 3 by 9 inch rectangles, add interfacing, sew up the side, turn it inside out and then make loops and make a chain. Easy right? Well...not so much, after I sewed up the side the opening was only 1.5 inches and not very easy to turn inside out. So I got some fabric tape to turn the ends in and then just sewed the seams on the outside. Alot easier, but very time consuming.

So I only have like 20 loops made so far. I was going to use this as a garland for my tree, but that's obviously not going to happen. Maybe by New Years I will have this done.

On another note...Why is it that people make things seem so easy when they really aren't? Like in reading a bunch of blogs, I notice that people seem to whip up quilts like there is no tomorrow. Quilts aren't the easiest thing to make. They are very complex as a matter of fact. First you have to come up with an idea or have a pattern to follow, you have to cut all your fabric at the correct dimensions, and make sure that its straight!! You have to get all your seems straight while sewing and ensure that they stay the same quarter inch seam, then all of your seams have to be pressed, then you have to make sure that your top is straight and even and the same width and height, then you have to somehow get the batting and backing on completely flat and aligned, well then comes the quilting part (a whole other story) and then the binding.
Its just very complex and there are like 100 different steps to get to the finished project.
I just wish that some of these "quilters" would realize that some of us are newbies and aren't able to make a new quilt each week. While we appreciate all of their skills and abilities someone should recognize that there is a new generation of quilters out there who are just learning all the tricks of the trade and just gaining experience, one stitch at a time.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

Saturday we got our Christmas Tree from Lowes. Its a 7 foot tree I believe. I had not so much fun putting the lights on the tree because some of my strands of lights weren't working, even though they were new from last year. I finally got the lights on and then the decorations. I think it looks pretty good. Next year I might have to go to a fake pre-lit tree to save myself a headache.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Ok so I'm a nut I know, but I just had to take a picture of these wonderful Christmas decorations from Starbucks. They are made from yarn and they are just beautiful. My barista said that I could have one after the holidays so keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some pics that I took in South Carolina

Here are some random pictures that I took in South Carolina.
The first 2 pictures are of a river. Can you see how low the water is? They are having a serious shortage of water right now. The Hartwell Lake is like super super low. Not good. Everyone has to pitch in and cut back on water usage.

This is Theo and Presley. Presley just loves laying in the sun and Theo loves to bark at everyone and everything that he sees on the street in front of my parents house.

This is a placemat that my Grandmother made for Thanksgiving. She had one at each place setting. She is really good at sewing.

Handmade Placemat and an Ornament Idea

So my wonderful grandmother got me a walking foot for my sewing machine, so now I can quilt. Yeah to that! I had to test it out right away so I made a placemat which I think kind of looks Christmasy so I'm using it as a Christmas decoration. I used Heather Bailey's Pop Garden fabric that I had. I think I will be making more of these tonight along with some coasters.

Everyone knows just how much I love Starbucks!! They have the cutest giftcards out right now for the holidays, so I managed to swip a few and I punched holes in them and made them into ornaments. They are just too cute.
OH and has anyone seen the Starbucks Christmas decorations yet? They have wreaths made out of yarn balls. So cute. I will try to take pics of those and post them. Gives me an idea to make my own yarn ball wreath.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Back from Vacation #2

So my second vacation didn't quite go as good as I had planned, simply because I got sick again. So I only have a few pics to post. Oh and did I mention that it is freezing cold in SC. Way too cold for me!
Oh and my flight was delayed last night because of the rain in Florida. So my 8:50 pm flight got moved to 2:30 am. Yeah I know tell me about it! I had quite a long time in the airport twiddling my thumbs. I finally got home at 6 am this morning. I think that something must of happened to my plane or something cause they told us that they had to call in a pilot on his day off to take us home. So its like what the heck happened to our original plane? Who knows. They gave us pizza to eat and a $50 gift voucher to use on a future flight. I think when I go back to SC it will be at least 90 degrees outside! ha.

Well here are a few pics of a quilt shop that my mom took me too. It was pretty nice but in a weird part of town, you would have never known that it was there. We went here on Wednesday and managed to find the only Starbucks in Anderson. Yummy! We then went to Hobby Lobby and the Yarn Shop. Shopping for crafts is soo much fun.