Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thanksgiving Request

I thought that I might give my family some hints as to what I want for wise that is. Just so that they can prepare ahead of time for my wonderful visit!
I would like some crab meat mold, (which to some might sound gross) but this is my favorite appetizer that my grandma makes every year. It is delicious with those wheat crackers.
I would like a pumpkin pie.
I would like my dad to try to make a deep fried turkey. Deep fried turkey is just the best.
I would like sweet potato casserole.

Ok that's it I think. Not too much of a request is it?

HA HA !!


Diane said...

what happen to the string bean casserole stuffed celery

Kelly said...

Thats funny....although i don't see anything gross about the cold crab meat..thats what crab salad is