Sunday, November 9, 2008


Today I went to fiberologie with Kelly for an Etsy sale. Of course what did I end up buying?? More Fabric! HA, how could you guess? I bought some Kaffe Fassett fabric because I want to make a quilt with his stuff, Oh and I also bought some AmyButler for my birdie bag. Check out Kelly's birdie bag on her blog, it is gorgeous. I hope to have some time in South Carolina (and alot of help from my mom and grandma) to make my birdie bag.

So after our trip to Fiberologie I came home and was very eager to sew something. I'm trying to think of stuff to work on for Christmas, but that's not going to good.
I ended up making a thread catcher. This is a picture of my old thread catcher that I made like the first weekend that I got my sewing machine.

This is my new thread catcher. I used some remaining Tina Given's fabric that I had from my quilt.
I have my thread catcher on the window because my sewing machine is right in the corner and the window hook just happened to be in the perfect spot.

Next weekend one of the quilt shop's in Sarasota that I like very much, Sew Worth It is having a big event on Saturday. I'm sooo excited! They are moving into a bigger store and will be having giveaways and a sale all day. I will definately be there bright and early Saturday morning to check out the new store and their classrooms. Should be tons of fun!

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Gabby said...

what an improvement!

but girlie, you've got it all wrong if you think you're spending all your time up here sewing!