Thursday, November 13, 2008

New book and a weekend project

I am so excited to finally get Anna Maria Horner's new book "Seams To Me". It feels like I ordered this book months ago...oh wait, I did order it months ago.. Ha!
This book has alot of instructions on sewing and great diagrams to help you. I can't wait to just sit down and read it all.

So I decided that I can't wait for my Birdie Bag! I need to make it this weekend so that I can take it on my cruise with me. So my goal is to get this bag done by Sunday. My best friend Kelly is suppose to come over and help me, since she did such a wonderful job on her bag. So hopefully she will come and we can get this bag done, oh and she is going to make another one too.
The fabric on the left is going to be my inside fabric and the one on the right is going to be my outside fabric. I chose a different pattern for the top but I haven't gotten in the mail yet. I had to order it on Etsy because my quilt shop didn't have it and the other quilt shop is closed because they are moving.. ugh didn't think it would be hard to find it but it should all workout.

Well enough for now, I'm waiting for Tom to come home so that we can hopefully go to Alehouse for dinner. Yummy! I'm starving too.


Debbie said...

Kelly's bag looks really nice. But not as big as I have seen it. I still can't believe you are into sewing so much. What's next?

Kelly said...

oh its a big bag, if only i had the picture with me wait & see patricias..