Monday, November 24, 2008

More pics

This is me in Key West.

Tom in Key West, holding some thing that he wanted to buy but I told him to put it back! Ha.

Sunset in Cozumel.

This was a puppy on the beach in Cozumel. He was very playful, digging in the sand and stealing Morgan's sandal. There were a few dogs on the beach. I don't know if they belonged to anyone or not.


Diane said...

looks like you had fun. what is that animal in the sand. It would help if you put a ccaption under each picture. enjoy your time in SC.

bonobocakes said...

Looks amazing. Let me get this straight, you got a coach purse, and Tom was not allowed to buy a TINY blue monkey. Totally unfair! Glad you had a great time. You should try one of those adventure tours. "walking the Alps", or "biking through Tuscany", oh wait, your a WARM blooded mammal and would freeze to death. LOL

Patricia said...

yeah I know I'm mean like that! ha.

Oh and I think that I am a warm blooded mammal. I hate the cold!