Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fabric Projects in the works

I feel like I haven't posted any new fabric projects in a while. These are "in the works" but here is my Tina Givens quilt that I'm working on. I just need to get a walking foot and then I can quilt this bad boy together and bind it and then I will be done!! Wahoo. I can't wait for that. The picture with the orange is the front. I used the crazy nine patch design, which was easy and fun.

This is the back of the Tina Given's quilt. I just love it. Its got 12 squares and then a border on the top, bottom and the sides, you can't see the top or bottom in this picture but as soon as this quilt is done I will post some pictures for you to see.

I was bored one day and decided to try a scrappy quilt, where you piece the front, batting and the back together, quilt them with an X and then sew the seams together. You then have to cut and frey the edges, which I haven't done yet. I still need to add a few rows onto this. I was thinking of giving this as a Christmas present, but its turning out to be more of a baby blanket with the size and I'm going to put it aside until someone I know has a baby.

Here is the back of the scrappy quilt. Of course my squares don't line up, but I like it better that way. I don't want it to look like something that was bought from a store. I used some plain color squares and of course some Amy Butler prints that I had.
I also have some other projects in the works, but those are definately Christmas presents, so you will have to wait to see those.