Saturday, November 1, 2008


On the way to Sanibel, Aren't the palm trees nice? This was a pretty nice looking neighborhood.
Wait!!! Whats that???
Are those quilts hanging on the fence? Why yes they are. They were having some sort of quilt show. We went back to check it out but you had to pay to get in and we couldn't find any parking. Oh well. I got a few pics as we were passing by.
This is the bridge that you have to take to get to Sanibel. Guess how much the toll is???
Can you believe that?
6 bucks just to get on the island. Crazyness!!
Here is the entrance to the beach.


Gabby said...

that's it?

Kelly said...

$6 isn't that bad, they were talking about increasing ft desoto to cost $5..oh & i'm with gabby, THATS IT?