Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

Ok not really. I had grand plans for my weekend, 1. work on my quilt for quilt class, 2. get out halloween decorations, 3. yard work, 4. start christmas ideas... all of these wonderful projects were on my weekend plans until our A/C decided to stop working. So Instead I'm so hot in my stinking house that I don't have the energy to do anything!! I called the landlord's assistant and she gave me the a/c guys number and I left him a message, as did she. but unfortunately he doesn't work until monday morning. So I have to wait until then. I didn't feel like throwing a hissy with the landlord because I always call him with problems and he is really nice, plus his assistant said that he is out of town so I doubt that there is much that he could do on the weekend anyways, especially since he isn't even the state!

I did manage to put some sashing on my other quilt in progess. My Tina Given's Chloe's Imagination quilt. I still have to put the sashing on the sides, and then I'm going to add some more fabric, because if I don't I think its going to be a really really small quilt. Oh and I need to figure out what I'm going to do with the backing too.
But here it is, a work in progress. Its designed with the crazy 9 patch quilt pattern.


Debbie said...

It could be worst, you could be in the freezing cold like Heather. Poor thing, all my herself freezing. Why didn't you go on the boat, oh, I forgot, it's football season. Open all the windows babe. Very windy here. Nice crazy quilt, pretty colors. Stay cool! Love ya!

Kelly said...

That came out really good...did you decide what color to use for the sashing? Katie used a dark purple & that worked out really should take one of the 9 squares with you to the store & hold up to each of the colors til you find one that looks good.

Kelly said...

i'm a dork u already have the sashing, its light purple...i didb't see it til i blew it up