Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I feel like I haven't blogged in a while, I have soo much to say today!
First of all today was my last class for my blooming 9 patch quilt. I finished my top! It does have some blemishes, but that's to be expected because I'm no perfectionist. I'm definately glad that this is done, cause now I can focus on my christmas projects. Oh, and I think I'm going to wait until after christmas to have it quilted. The lady at the shop said that she would give me a discount so that's good.

Check out this cute picture of Oscar. Jason took it when he came over the other day. Oscar just loves Jason and Josh and Tom. He just gets soo excited when they come over.
Oh. I found out tonight that the quilt shop owner has a mini dachshund too, he is a brown dapple.
I think that me and her have so much in common, minus the whole age difference and a bunch of other things. Ha! She did say something really funny the other night. Someone said something about the baseball game and she was like, um I think I would rather watch grass grow! Ha. I was like um yeah I was thinking the same thing. Sit here and sew or watch baseball??? Um, there's no thinking on that one.

Check out these scraps! The quilt shop has scrap packs for $5. So I bought two of them. See how much fabric I got!! I can definately make some cool patchwork stuff. There must be almost 2 yards of fabric in each pack. I might have to go back this weekend and get some more!

This is the stash from the second scrap pack! I did put these pictures in a different order but I don't know why they turned up like this. Oh well.

Oh and I found an awesome website today. it takes all of your favorite blogs and puts them in one place! Perfect for easy viewing of all your favorite sites. This thing is going to be so handy while I'm at work. Ha!!!

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Finally I will be taking a vacation in a few weeks, on a short 4 night cruise to Cozumel and Key West and then on a 5 night trip to visit my wonderful family in South Carolina!! I can't wait! Some yummy homemade food and the comfort of my family at Thanksgiving is going to be wonderful. It would only be perfect if my sister Heather could be there, and if my Aunt Diane and Becky could be there. Maybe they will be through the whole webcam thing. Ha!

OH and another finally. Kelly showed me a blog Nie Nie Dialogues, Well Nie and her husband were in a horrible plane crash and are in serious condition. I have become very humbled by the blogging world and the internet and how everyone has come together to support this family. They are a wonderful family and I hope that they are able to fully recover. Check out her blog, you will become inspired by this woman, her children, and her family. She will make you appreciate life and the simpliest of things.
Its just something to think about...


Diane said...

I guess the webcam is only way I can see my family for a long time. How do you manage to ge so much time off.

Patricia said...

we have an exercise program where we can earn days off, plus if you don't use sick time you get a day every 3 months.