Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm in Heaven!!

So I went to my first quilt class tonight and I learned so much already. Now I know how to press correctly and how to do some cuts to make my nine patchs. I also found out that they told me not to wash my fabric. There is no need too because of such good quality fabric that we are using. The lady loved my Amy Butler prints and she said that she has never seen a blooming nine patch quilt come out bad. She said that no matter what fabric you use, it will look wonderful. So far I have my first 3 cuts of fabric done, and the quilt already is starting to bloom. Now I have tons of homework to do, tons of sewing on this quilt. Sewing and cutting and pressing and sewing and cutting and pressing and just more and more of that.
Now its going to be hard to work tomorrow and trying not to think about working on my quilt.

Oh and the quilt shop is expanding into a new store soon, so its going to be even bigger!! Plus I saw some new fabrics that they just got in and they are AMAZING!! I just have all of these ideas in my head on all of these things that I want to make. Check out the quilt shop

I think that this is what I was meant to do!! Quilt and sew and just create something new all the time.
I need to quit my day job!! ha

Well I will post pictures of my quilt soon so that you can see it. I guess I should get some sleep now.


Kelly said...

i told you that you would learn a lot by taking the class...Yes pressing is a pain huh? And thats why we didn't wash our fabrics either, becaues of the quilty of them, they aren't expected to shrink or distort much. It doens't hurt that you did wash though. Where are the pics

Diane said...

you could stay home if you found a rich fellow to take care of you but I think you would get bored. you are too young to stay home just think of all the xmas presents. Heather wants a pair of Heidi's jean but the store is not getting any more.

Gabby said...

heaven isn't real


Debbie said...

Well your teacher was WRONG to tell you not to wash your fabric. It doesn't matter what you paid for it or if you think it is good fabric. The reason is to make sure that none of the colors will run. If you don't wash them before and then make a beautiful quilt and then decide to wash it later and a color runs then you have wasted all you time. Plus if you want to use a stablilizer it won't stick as well. ALWAY WASH YOUR FABRICS!!!!! Your mother knows best.