Saturday, October 4, 2008

Here are more squares for my Blooming 9 Patch

These are squares of colors 3 and 4.

These are squares of colors 4 and 5.
These are squares of 5 and 6. I like the way that each square is different, some have light pink and some have darker pink. Should make the quilt pretty cool.
And these are colors 7 and 8.
Oh and this is the back of one square so that you can see how nice my seams are!! ha.


Debbie said...

Okay darling daughter, stop rushing....I can tell just by how much you have done already you ARE GOING TOO FAST, SPEEDY...slow down and match your seams. It looks like some of your squares were cut bigger than others that is why they are not matching up. Your stitching on the back looks good. Do you have a square ruler to cut them when you are done? Go to Michaels or Joanne's and buy a 12" or even better a 15" square, use a coupon because they are expensive. Wish I could be down there to show you. You couldn't of wanted to learn to quilt when you live home, could you. Love you!

Patricia said...

yeah i know that I'm fast. I do have to go back and cut my squares so that they all match up. I did buy a square ruler so I will make sure that they are all square before I piece it all together.

Yeah I know wish you were here to show me cause I need help!!