Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween is almost here...

but for some reason it doesn't feel like halloween. I think that I would be more into it if I had my own kids to dress up and to make costumes for and to go trick or treating with. I thought about dressing up the dog but how ridiculous would I look trying to get into the halloween spirit and walk my dog door to door trick or treating? I'm sure it would get a few laughs but the dog would have no idea what's going on. Plus he hates dressing up anyways, he would have the costume ripped off in like 1 minute flat.
So I think for halloween I'm going to hangout with Laura and Morgan, drink some wine and pass out candy at their house.

On another note, us girls are going to have the whole weekend alone cause the boys are going on their "boy cruise" blah to that! Laura and I lost the battle on this one, but we will win the war!! Ha ha! We are just secretly hoping that they get sick (you know that aweful stomach bug that keeps you locked in your room for 3 days) on the ship or that it rains the whole time. We are mean I know. But who does that now a days, taking seperate vacations. Never heard of such a thing. I think Tom knows that this is his 1 alone cruise that he gets cause I won't let him take another one. Plus after he takes this cruise we will be tied at an even 8 cruises a piece. So we can't let him get ahead of me. The good thing is that I get to plan our next vacation, and the destination is Alaska!!! And the even better news that it will be just me and him.

(The pictures above are halloween wall hangings that I made.)


Diane said...

make that Alaska cruise your honeymoon

Anonymous said...

ditto ... that is exactly what I was about to type!