Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cold Weather

Today was one of the first cool days that we have had, and to me it was FREEEZZING!! I am always reminded as soon as it gets cold outside how much I hate cold weather. Having to get up early in the morning to take a shower and it being cold in the house is no fun. Having to drive to work with your fingers cold waiting for the car to warm up is no fun either. Then having to work in an office where the temperature is a constant 63 degrees (no joke on that one; we have a clock with a thermostat that reads 63 degrees all day) is no fun either. So I give props to all of you northerners who have to deal with "real" cold weather for many months cause I just couldn't do it.
As far as this Florida girl, I will wait for my sunny hot days and be happy again.


Diane said...

turn the heat on when you are in the shower. don't you have any gloves

Gabby said...

big baby,
it was below 40 degrees this morning here.