Saturday, September 6, 2008

Starbucks Cup

So I bought this wonderful starbucks clear reusable cup a few months ago and I have been looking for more ever since so that I could buy my mom one, but low and behold they don't make them anymore. So I checked and I guess they were a summer thing. Well one of the postings on their site said that they were selling on ebay for like $40 bucks. I didn't believe it so I checked and HELLO this one is already at $46 bucks. These cups cost $12 when they were in the store and I only found them in one starbucks store and they had 2.

(Sorry mom but you aren't going to get one now)


Debbie said...

Thanks a lot. I love that cup. Now I am going to obsess until I get one. We diffently need a Starbuck's in Anderson. There is one on ebay right now starting at $54.99. That's crazy!!!!! Give me yours.

Patricia said...

yea how nuts is that!!

i can't believe that people want them that much. i knew that you would want one cause you love to reuse the ones they give you.

hopefully they will make more.

Gabby said...

Oh no, i didn't forget your birthday.
aren't you turning thirty-something??!!!

Kelly said...

aren't these cups just an insultated large tubmbler with a starbucks logo..what kind of lid are those?

Mandy Day said...

Check out and Like it if you hate Justin Bieber.