Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oscar loves to stare out the window

A few weeks ago some annoying people moved in across the street. Well the first week and a half they decided to have a yard sale everyday so I had like a zillion people parking on my street and the dogs were constantly going nuts. Then they decided to move all of their crap in their carport and the backyard, oh and a camper too. I think that there are like 10 people living there, all grown adults mind you. But the yard just looks like trash heaven. Now the idiots have set up some sort of "shrine" right by the sidewalk, which consists of a water fountain, plants, a table, bench and some sign that I can't even read. Well someone came and stole some of their precious crap from their shrine and now they have a keep out sign posted. But to add to their annoyance Oscar barks at them everytime they go to sit at their stupid shrine.
Needless to say I am considering moving. Not just cause of the annoying neighbors but because I'm sick of this busy street.


Kelly said...

call the city code enforcement

Debbie said...

He's just the cutest winer dog ever. "Hi" Oscar, Grandma loves you and misses your kisses.
Find a new place, get off the busy street.

Diane said...

Rocky looks a lot like Oscar but completely opposite in personality.