Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm in way over my head!!

So I signed up for my first quilt class..well I think I signed up for an advanced class. Anyhow, its to make a Blooming 9 Patch Quilt from the book Traditions with a Twist. Basically it takes 8 different fabrics and all of these blocks pieced together to look something like this.

I think that you can make it however you want, whether you want it to go from dark to light or vice versa, or if you want to alternate to make the lines stand out more. I had the lady at the quilt shop help me and we came up with this...

Of course I stuck to Amy Butler just because she is my favorite (well along with Heather Bailey, and Anna Maria Horner and a few others). Its hard to tell if these prints will actually work. I'm wondering if I need to switch a few of my lighter green ones...
Any suggestions? Its hard to try to visualize the final product.

Oh and do you know how scary it is to throw $100 bucks worth of fabric in the washer and hope that it comes out ok? I think that I almost had a heart attack, but luckily it all came out well, so now its all washed and preshrunk just like it should be.

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Diane said...

fabric is pretty, just take your time. it will comec out nice