Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Couldn't Resist

Using my new Heather Bailey fabrics. I made pillow covers that are attached to batting to make them extra comfy and to add more cushion to the pillows. They also have velcro on the back so that the cover stays closed.
I hope that Amy Butler doesn't get mad because she just got temporarily replaced. Ha ha!!
I think that I definately want to get more of this fabric so that I can make a nice comfy blanket to go along with the pillows. But that will probably be a while because I have just too many fabric projects in the works.

Oh and I made this cute little coin purse. I copied the humbug bag pattern that my mom got me. I'm going to give it to Laura cause she has been wanting something with this fabric, I pretty much used all of it for myself so I will give her this as a "teaser" until I get some more. I hope that Joann's hasn't run out of it yet.



Diane said...

xmas present on the coin purse

Kelly said...

wow, digging those pillows.