Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Don't you just love this fabric?

It's Sandi Henderson's Farmers Market and I think this will be my next quilt project, after I finish my Amy Butler quilt, and make my Tula Pink Flutterby quilt...so yeah probably a short while away.
I don't even think that my quilt shops have this fabric yet. So I will have to buy it on ebay or online or something.
But isn't it just too cute?


Gabby said...

you're turning into an old woman.

go join a quilting league, granny.

Diane said...

I know what is she going to do when she is really old.

Patricia said...

going to have tea parties!

Kelly said...

that fabric is far from old woman! you should check out www.fatquartershop.com

Debbie said...

THAT"S MY GIRL!!!!! Take after your "old" mom.

bonobocakes said...

I do love it--- and I love the puse on Amy Butler's site when you first log on--- they would look great together!