Monday, September 22, 2008

Birthday Presents Opened Early!!


I couldn't resist opening presents early, especially since they came in the mail early.
My mom, dad, little little sister, and grandma sent me this wonderful box of fabric, patterns, Clemson hat, homemade cookies, a tea pot cover, and pin cushions.

My wonderful sister in Idaho sent me this cute Coach mini wallet, plus some candy and a shirt (which is already in the dirty laundry). Its my very first "real" Coach anything! I love it.

Oh and my dad also sent me a wonderful check in addition to the Clemson hat. Thanks dad!!

This is also a card from my friend Claes who lives in Sweden. We have never met before but we are great pen pals. A Happy Birthday goes out to him as well!!

PS-Can anyone tell that I need a new tablecloth? My red flowery one is the only one that I have and its like in every picture of mine. Ha!!
I should probably make one but I have too many projects running through my head to try to make one of those right now.


Kelly said...

Well aren't you a lucky birthday I believe that sewing machine that spurred all this sewing stuff was an early birthday present :o) right?

Debbie said...

That is so funny you said that about your table cloth because the other day I went in my hutch and took out all my table clothes that I use to put on our big dining room table to send to you. They don't fit on my table now. So wait before you make any. I'll get them out in the mail to you. There's one for each different holiday!