Saturday, August 16, 2008

Simple Wall Art

So I created some simple wall art with fabric and these things that you use for cross stitching, I don't know what the heck they are called. I'm going to add more as soon as I get some more wonderful fabric. Oh and I wish that the picture came out better, but for some reason my photography skills aren't that great, even with a good camera.

So as you may know by now I am in love with Amy Butler's fabric and anything basically of hers. So Michaels had a bunch of her scrapbook stuff and this like fabric organizer thing a few weeks ago. So I went there today (**first time out of the house in 3 days) and low and behold it was all gone. I guess they had clearanced them out or something. So if you go to Michael's and notice this fabric blue/green pattern holder, please think of me because I am searching for one now. I think its like a scrapbook organizer.

**Oh, I have been home sick the past few days. Darn running nose, conjestion and just plain exhaustion. I actually slept in until 12:30 today and would of probably kept on sleeping if some stranger didn't knock on my door looking for the old tenant. Its been nice to just sit at home and relax but then again when you are home sick and don't even have the energy to turn on the sewing machine it stinks pretty bad.

Well anyways thats pretty much all for now. I think I actually have the energy to work on my quilt/blanket today.

Oh, I haven't had starbucks in 4 days!! I think that's a world record for me.


Gabby said...

pretty clever idea sis.

cool layout too!

Kelly said...

I love Gothic Rose, thats one of my favorite fabrics. Seeing it again makes me for sure know I need to go get a couple yards of it. I want a skirt in that fabric, I'm going to need to sign up for the skirt class...looking good

Trish-the-dish said...

"I don't know what the heck they are called" said Patricia

Well, they are called circles. Glad I could help.