Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shells Shells Shells

So we took the boat out today. It was actually a wonderful day. We went to midnight pass and was able to walk to the gulf side of the beach, the waves were huge. One wave knocked me over as I was getting into the water and I lost my sunglasses. Not too happy about that. All along the beach there were tons of seashells, they must of come ashore from the tropical storm that passed through this week, another reason for the huge waves.
Oh and we saw Beggar the dolphin again, sorry I don't have more pics of him because I forgot my camera. But he came right up close to the boat again, he is a huge dolphin. He has alot of scars on his nose and fin. Tom was kind of scared of him this time. It was funny.

Yucko to work tomorrow!


Diane said...

those shells are too pretty to have been found on the beach. get yourself a big brandy sifter to display them in.

Debbie said...

Wow those are great. Start filling up the empty fish tank with them :-) That's so funny Tom is afraid of the dolphin.

Razor said...

How did you know it was the same dolphin??? Did it have blood on its nose and flesh in its teeth? Those shells are really nice, tomorrow we will take some pictures of Idaho rocks for you!