Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Nothing much has been happening with me lately. Spending alot of time with Jason and Laura (Tom's brother and future sister in law, hopefully my future sister in law too.)

We went to the boat races on the Fourth of July which was fun. I got sooo sunburnt, even though I spend most of the time under a tent.

Work has been ok. I was hoping that AC Moore would open up soon so that I could apply for a part-time night job, but guess what I found out! Well now the sign at the mall says Michaels instead of AC Moore so I am totally upset and don't know if I want to go there now. Cause AC Moore has soo much more cool craft stuff then Michaels. For some reason Michaels seems to carry just the same old crap all the time. No new scrapbook paper or anything cool.

Well its raining again outside.


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