Sunday, June 1, 2008

Stop using plastic bags

So I thought that it was a little nuts in Ireland when I saw everyone carrying around these reusable bags for groceries, but when I went to the grocery store and needed a plastic bag they actually charged me .25 cents. I guess there is a law in Ireland now that bans plastic bags in order to help the environment.
Today on the news China is the newest country to help the enivornment and ban plastic bags as well. They go through like a billion of plastic bags a day in that country. So I think its a good thing that they are doing.

So I urge everyone to get on the banwagon and help the world by bringing your own reusable bag to the grocery store.
I myself went and bought a nice bag from Whole Foods yesterday for $1 and might I say it does work very nice to hold your groceries in.

Think green!

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shelovespink said...

Hey so where are my Whole Foods Bags? You were supossed to send me some remember! We don't have one here soo....