Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Random Facts and Secrets about me, just cause I'm bored.

My favorite color is purple.
My dog loves watermelon.
I want a puppy.
I would love to live on a cruise ship, for a year or more.
I want to live in a walking city.
My favorite starbucks beverage is an iced vanilla latte.
I hate being cold.
I miss my old Honda.
I want a new tattoo on my back.
I wish that I would of made better career choices early on.
I want to own my own business one day.
I could move tomorrow and not care.
I like mowing the grass and doing yard work.
I never wear dresses or skirts.
I rarely wear jewelry.
I am scared of people.
I miss my grandmother petsch and grandpa wight everyday.
I want my parents to take a vacation.
I want my family to go on a cruise with me.
My next vacation destination is Alaska.
I rarely eat breakfast.
I have to have chocolate everyday.

more nonsense later.


Kelly said...

What about this new puppy stuff, I thought we were over this? Don't let Tom get things in your head

No new tattoos, they will not be attractive when you are old and you will hate them when you are 40, 50, 60 and 70! ACK

Move & not care! Better not leave me! I will go live on a cruise ship with you.

You lie about mowing the grass, you hate it & the man needs to do it not you!

And yes Ms Petsch, I try to get you out of the box because I know you are scared of people!

Patricia said...

Kelly knows me way too well

Kelly said...

:o) i know

Gabby said...

What do you mean your scared of people? Like, social anxiety?
I have that too, but I bet mine is like 10 times worse than yours! lol.

As for the tattoo, I'd deffinitly go with you to get a tattoo! =]

Diane said...

Gabby what kind of tattoo, i want a butterfly on my wrist

Aunt Diane

Kelly said...

No tattoos ladies!